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Top 6 Disaster Restoration Companies in San Francisco

Overview of Property Damage Restoration in San Francisco

Property damage restoration refers to the practice of restoring and repairing properties damaged due to water, fire, mold growth, smoke from fires, or natural disasters such as flooding. The goal is to mitigate existing damages as much as possible while returning them back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

San Francisco is no stranger to property damage due to earthquakes, wildfires, and flooding, making property restoration companies in San Francisco essential partners in helping families and businesses recover from these disasters. They play an invaluable role in aiding victims as they make repairs on damaged structures after such catastrophes have struck.

Elite Restoration, a comprehensive property damage restoration firm, provides water, fire, mold remediation, smoke, and content restoration services around the clock – with 100% customer satisfaction guarantees for their services.

ServiceMaster of San Francisco are owned and operated locally, specializing in water, fire, mold remediation, and biohazard cleanup services for property damages in San Francisco. Available 24/7 emergency service is also provided along with assistance when filing claims through insurance providers.


ProRestore of San Francisco is an industry leader when it comes to property damage restoration services, offering water, fire, and mold remediation as well as 24/7 emergency restoration. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies for fast, effective services – ProRestore uses cutting-edge tools like their water drying machine for fire mitigation services as well as 24/7 emergency services – they use fast recovery processes with cutting-edge restoration equipment ensuring fast restoration services at every point in time – ProRestore stands above their peers as one of the premier restoration firms available!

Restoration Bay, a full-service property damage restoration firm, specializes in water, fire, mold remediation, smoke, flood, and storm restoration. Offering 24-hour emergency service with insurance companies they assist clients navigate through their claims processes with ease.

Servpro, an independently-owned property damage restoration service provider located in Orange County, offers services including water, fire, mold remediation, and smoke damage restoration as well as content restoration. They pride themselves on fast response times and attention to detail – attributes which their many satisfied clients can vouch for!

Allied has been proudly serving San Francisco and the Bay Area for more than two decades as a family-owned property damage restoration business, offering comprehensive water, fire, and mold remediation services as well as reconstruction. Their comprehensive list of services also includes offering free consultations as well as working closely with insurance providers to file claims quickly for clients.

Tips for Choosing a Property Damage Restoration Company in San Francisco

When searching for property damage restoration companies in San Francisco, it’s essential to select an established and dependable firm offering quality services. Here are a few guidelines designed to assist in selecting an optimal restoration provider:

Look for a company with both licenses and insurance to handle property damage restoration needs effectively. A licensed and insured provider should possess all of the training, equipment, and expertise to meet these goals successfully.

Check a company’s reputation. Read online reviews, view its website and social media channels, as well as ask friends or family for referrals.

Look for a company offering 24/7 emergency services. Property damage can strike at any time and it is essential that they can respond swiftly and quickly when disaster strikes.

Search the company’s certifications and qualifications. Look out for companies certified by IICRC or other industry associations as reliable service providers.

Be sure to inquire into a company’s experience and expertise in handling property damage of this nature. When looking for such services, look for ones with experience dealing with similar cases before selecting your provider.

Get a Written Estimate. A reliable property damage restoration company should offer written estimates that detail the scope and costs associated with their services.


Property damage restoration in San Francisco has become increasingly crucial due to natural disasters and other unforeseeable circumstances causing severe property damage. When selecting a property damage restoration provider in the Bay Area, make sure they offer quality services with great experience in their field. When making this important choice it is critical that they choose one from among reputable, established organizations with good track records who offer complete solutions that restore properties as quickly as possible.

We have provided an overview of the property damage restoration industry in San Francisco and listed six property restoration firms therein, detailing their services as well as offering tips for selecting an optimal service provider to suit your individual needs.

By following these guidelines and hiring an established property damage restoration service provider, you can help your property return quickly and effectively back to its pre-loss state.

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